Health Gavel™ Frequently Asked Questions

Health Gavel™    Frequently Asked Questions

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HealthGavel is a social venture which provides an online magazine forum where highly respected physicians, academics and health care leaders bring you reputable and up-to-date healthcare information and news. This magazine is for anyone who would like to have a better understanding of the health care issues facing the world today.

No. We do not sell anything. We have made a commitment as a social enterprise creating educational resources and articles on the most pressing public health issues and questions presented to us by individuals just like you.

Do I need to sign up or subscribe ?

You do not need to sign up or subscribe at this time to read articles. However, you do need to subscribe to receive RSS feeds. As we continue to grow, we will create subscription via email and login requirements to better serve you.

How can I advertise with HealthGavel ?

Please feel free to inquire by emailing us at so that we can discuss this with you and address your needs.

We pride ourselves on having the most experienced and reputable writers to publish their articles on our website. This includes academics, physicians, experts, scientists, nurses and healthcare and community leaders. You will be able to view their information on our list of contributors.

Do you accept videos from readers to be posted on HealthGavel for suggested viewing ?

Videos you send can be placed on our YouTube page for other viewers to watch after we review them. If you have a recommended video for use or find something you may find to be interesting to others, please submit it via email at or post it in response to an article in the comments section.

How can I help spread the word ?

It is so important that we take advantage of all the new ways to get people involved electronically. You can help by telling your friends and family as well as rating our entries on the bottom of each article. You can also twitter about us. To set up your Twitter account, go to, and create a username and password. From there, you can find friends and begin to set up your network.

We welcome your comments and suggestions as you navigate through our magazine. If you would like to contact us, please email us at

Am I allowed to email topics of interest to HealthGavel ?

Yes, we highly encourage it. You can submit responses, requests or suggestions for future articles to

How can I contribute written material to HealthGavel ?

You may first make an inquiry by contacting us with the topic you would like to discuss or a topic you would like someone to write about. Since this magazine is for the general public, the topic of interest must be something that can be shared and understood by the masses.

What is Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit and Retweet ?

These are social networking sites that allow you to rate, recommend, praise or comment our articles which helps make them available to other individuals. These are found on the bottom of each article allowing you to help us help others by spreading the word.

What is the orange RSS button for ?

By clicking this, you can add to your RSS feed which allows you to follow our articles on a daily basis with the use of different readers. RSS typically stands for Really Simple Syndication and allows you to decide what information you would like to receive on a daily basis. These go into your “reader” and you can access it in your email or on your smartphone. If you have questions about setting up your RSS feed, is a good place to start.

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