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Our Story

Trent Hinkle and Richard Turgeon gained their experience and knowledge of cabinetry and construction with a hands-on approach. Trent worked with his brother and father, a General Contractor, for 10 years doing mostly remodels and additions as well as new residential and commercial projects. Trent was involved in all aspects of the process including but not limited to designing, estimating, demolition, framing, drywall, tiling, baseboards and cabinet installation. Richard is a 3rd generation high end cabinet installer. His grandpa moved from Canada to Florida and worked installing cabinets for companies like Poggenpohl and Plain & Fancy. Richard’s father moved to Florida and installed cabinets for Downsview for over 30 years. Richard worked with his father on projects up and down the east coast of Florida and the Caribbean Islands. Richard also worked with his uncle, a master cabinet installer. Richard, wanting to work closer to home, decided to work in the construction business with Trent. After a few years working together and many frustrating projects, Richard and Trent ventured to start American Custom Cabinetry LLC. In the first year, they were a dealer for W.W. Wood Products, Inc. featuring Shiloh and Eclipse cabinets. Their W.W. rep also represented Crystal Cabinet Works. After their first year in business Trent and Richard became a dealer for Shiloh, Eclipse and Crystal Cabinets in order to have the option of fully custom and semi-custom cabinetry. As cabinet designers, Richard and Trent view their projects from a unique angle. There are many designers that have no real experience what actually works in the field and what it requires to make the cabinets function as they should. The goal of American Custom Cabinetry is to provide the customer with beautiful cabinets that are a functional part of their homes and businesses making daily life easier and more organized.

Project Planning

Step 1 First Meeting

During our first meeting we review the plans and discuss what your expectations are for the project. We also like to discuss the budget which can be an uncomfortable subject for some, but it will help reduce the number of meetings required for the design process and greatly improves our ability to meet your goals. We will also discuss the different types of cabinets and use inspiration photos to get a feel for your style. Wood species and finishes are not necessary at this stage but a general idea of the look you want will help reduce revisions. You will also need to provide your appliance selections at this time if possible.

Step 2 Second Meeting

At this meeting we will review the cabinet designs and discuss changes that may be necessary. We will also go over finishes, wood species, door and drawer styles. If no major changes are necessary, we can discuss the pricing and prepare a written estimate and contract. In some cases, another meeting may be required due to major design alterations.

Step 3 Site Inspection

After a contract has been signed and a deposit check for 50% of the total project has been deposited, we will release the design drawings. Once the project is ready, usually after framing but before other trades like electric and plumbing we will come and do a site inspection. During the site inspection we verify dimensions and layout the cabinets on the floor. This is a detailed drawing of the actual cabinets on the floor which is then clear coated so that it is able to be used by the following trades. This helps with pluming placement, lighting, outlets and HVAC registers.

Step 4 Order Cabinets

After all of the dimensions have been verified, we place the order of the cabinets. Lead times vary and will be stated in the contract but start once the order has been confirmed by the manufacturer.

Step 5 Delivery and Installation

Once we receive the cabinets and have confirmed that the project is ready, we deliver the cabinets and prepare an invoice for an additional 30% of the total cost. Once we receive the next payment the installation will begin. We highly recommend that the cabinets be delivered and installed after the air conditioning is on and has been running long enough to remove the excess humidity. We usually install the base cabinets and tall units first. This allows the countertops to be templated and manufactured while the uppers and trim is being completed.

Step 7 Final Walkthrough

After the installation is complete, we will meet for a final inspection to verify that everything has met your expectations and present the final invoice for the remaining 20%.